On June 30, 2018 by Mission Deacon

We’re running alpha starting wed 26th September, 2018. We have teamed up with St Andrew’s (the parish church in the village). They have a lot of experience with running the sessions so we’re very happy to share this with them.

Alpha is the chance to explore faith in a relaxed setting. There are  9 evening sessions and an away day. For the first couple of sessions will start with a meal so there’s a chance just to chill and chat. Each session will have a DVD presentation and then chance for discussion – there is no bar on any type of question. And of course, if you just want to observe or even duck out, that’s allowed.

We’re all on a journey and we’re travellers together.

If you’d like to register your interest, please mail me, Steve Clark, on

The full programme is: (or download it here)

26 Sep   Is there more to life than this?

3 Oct      Who is Jesus?

10 Oct   Why did Jesus die?

17 Oct   How can I have faith

24 Oct   Why and how do I pray?

31 Oct   Half-term – no meeting

7 Nov    Why and how should I read the bible?

14 Nov  How does God guide us?

21 Nov What about the church?

Sat 24 Nov Away-day: How can I make the most of the rest of my life? Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do?

28 Nov Why and how should I tell others?

5 Dec     Social event

Find out more about alpha here:

Download the programme here