Judy’s Jottings Feb-Mar 2018

On March 14, 2018 by Mission Deacon

Judy’s Jottings

Dear friends

Well…….just huge apologies again for the delay in getting out a February update but my intentions were there but time was not.

News from here….once more it will come out a bit scrambled but that is just how we are!

January /February were the months of visitors. In February we received over 80 people for various lengths of time….all great and welcome but does make for a hectic life whilst trying to keep some normality for the children and staff. We are delighted to have Helen, a physiotherapist from the UK here and she is working her magic on Wichai who is making significant moves forwards. Hope Home has been so blessed by all the people who visit and help us. Thank you for your part in facilitating this. I will list visitors and their special roles here but please forgive me if I miss anyone out! So Petra came for 3 weeks and took on the awesome task of sewing labels into all the children’s clothes! An international school in Bangkok sent 50…yes 50 students to us for 3 days, plus teacher supervision and split into 2 groups thankfully. These students were fantastic and got stuck into various tasks including painting our outside property walls, plus a wonderful space themed mural, two painted shoe racks and a bike stand, and on top a new wheel chair friendly garden. They also played with the children, took them on walks, played sports and music and craft activities with them. They want to come back next year and are truly welcome! A further 6 young ladies from America on the World Race scheme spent 3 weeks with us….one painted a beautiful mural on the wall of our tortoise house ( sadly only one out of two alive now) , the rest alternated between playing with the children and doing essential administration for us –like sifting through and filing all photographs from 2017! We have another group coming in April and are excited at the input they provide in terms of help and encouragement to the staff as well as the children. 5 students from Payap University in Chiang Mai came for a day’s community service….they painted more walls (we have a lot thankfully!) and did music activities with the children- and now John 3.v.16 adorns the front porch in Thai and English. Also a doctor from Vietnam visited for a few days to help advice on health things, and there were many more people popped in! At the end of the month Helen, Becca and I were ‘peopled out” nice as everyone was….but we are recovered and ready for more! You are always welcome!!!!! But maybe we will spread people out more through the year.

Joy is doing incredibly well with both her tracheotomy and G tube and both have had planned and unplanned changes – in the midst of the chaos Joy pulled out her own G-tube so a dash to the hospital happened, but all okay now. All the children and staff have had bad fevers, coughs and colds as the weather heats up significantly – we have managed to treat everyone from home thankfully though Joy pushes it to the limit in her own special way. We continue  to wait for Gai’s adoption to proceed and are praying in families for Amos and Bow in particular.

Tada continues to be home-schooled since his accident but we hope to try him at the same school as Bow and Gai next term and hope and pray he can pass the interview to get in….he has an innate naughtiness in him which is endearing but probably not helpful in a classroom setting. He is currently attending 3 weeks of an OT camp on a daily basis and is getting a little better – so we are hopeful. Little Amos will start at Bow and Gai’s school next term too – so the mornings at Hope

Home can be truly focused on the physiotherapy needs of the children like Phil, Joy, Sam and Wichai. We have almost set up our sensory room now too and think this will be of great help to all the children but especially Sam and Choppy who have very intense sensory needs. Helen, Becca and I have been having fun in the evenings getting the various parts ready for this.

Staff at Hope Home have been working really hard as ever and tolerated the chaos of new people around for a lot of the days last month. It is pretty disruptive for them. One staff member chose to leave after being with us for 7 years and she is now seeking work in Bangkok. Roma was Joy’s special care giver so she is sorely missed by her, and by me since she also helped care for at nights at my house. If in a few months’ time she feels better in herself and is rested and restored she may return in some capacity, especially with Joy rather than all Hope Home children. Pray for her restoration. God is so good though and his timing is perfect – so we now have two staff members trialing working here. One is a Burmese lady called SoSo, and she is very gentle and kind to the children and manages without significant language just now….Thai will come soon enough. The other lady is also of ethnic minority grouping and is older, 51 years to be exact, so brings a solid maturity with her and is a strong Christian lady recently widowed and seeking a place for work and housing where she can serve God through her service to others. She is called Khun Oi, and is a relative of someone we know from my contacts at CAM and Baan Sabaay. So we are truly blessed – though the staff house accommodation is now bursting at the seams.

Hope Home registration process continues…still at a slow pace….waiting on something?! At least all the paperwork is now at the CAM office so we are one step forwards along the way.

We look forward to planning Easter events here for the local community, and then Songkran, Thai New Year…..and maybe a more restful month especially as April is so hot usually.

CAM folks are working nonstop too and we pass each other briefly in the office each week. They are tired but committed to their work and I love being a part of this team. Kathryn Smith is now here in Chiang Mai doing more language study and then she too will be joining me at CAM and Baan Sabaay. She also lives in the same village, though we don’t see that much of each other yet. Kathryn joined me at a

CAM training day on how to care for the sick and elderly at home, given to church and community leaders. This was a day of first looking at what the Bible says and demonstrates about the way to care for others, and then practical application in a fun  way including wheelchair training, bed baths ( fully clothed!) and much more.

Finally I am booked to come home on Home Assignment from 1st July to mid-September in 2018. If your church wants to fit in a visit I am attaching a sheet of the booked dates, so  please look to see where is nearest or get in touch with me if nothing there works. I would love to be able to come and share with those of you who have faithfully prayed and supported me, BMS, Hope Home and CAM. I will be based in Redditch with my parents so any localish places I am also happy for midweek events rather than the weekends.

Anyways –all for now but best wishes and love to you

Many many thanks for your prayers and support and encouragement…..we really do feel it here!